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The one thing homeschooling has taught me, is that I didnt know my children as much as I should have . After realizing that, I knew I had some studying to do. So Im gonna share with you a few TIPS based on what I’ve learned so far on this homeschooling journey.


⦁ TIP1# Be patient: your first few attempts at homeschooling may not go picture perfect your out of your element and your children will be out of their element, so take some time to get a good feel for it.

⦁ TIP2# DONT COMPARE YOUR CHILDREN WITH EACH OTHER OR WITH OTHER CHILDREN: They are literally the opposite from each other and from ant other child they develope at their own pace.

⦁ TIP3# REALIZE THAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE UNIQUE: What learning method may work with one child may most definetly not work with the other child.

⦁ TIP4# DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE COMPLETELY UNORTHODOX: Mentally unschool yourself so that you will be open to new ways of learning.

⦁ TIP5# Learning is meant to be enjoyable: Have you ever read a really great novel and thought to yourself ( I hate every bit of this) probably not.

⦁ TIP6# EARN YOUR CHILDREN TRUST AND RESPECT: If you hold a humble and calm demeanor ( Which is easier said than done sometimes) it will be easier for your children to open up and be comfortable with you teaching them, in return it will help them retain their lessons better.

⦁ TIP7# IT’S OK TO LOSE MOTIVATION: Being super mega awesome momma drains you sometimes, take a little school break and lift your spirit back up.

⦁ TIP8# DON’T TEACH ANGRY: Unfortunately frustration is common, especially when your starting this journey with your precious kiddos. If you feel that frustration rising PAUSE! have a recess and get back to it.

⦁ TIP9# RECOGNIZE YOUR CHILDS BEHAVIOR: So very important, don’t push things on them if they are not receptive. Introducing them to a new topic, lesson, subject, is 100% perfect your doing great momma, but if it just does not click DO NOT force them to learn it anyways. Instead, step away from the current way your delevering the lesson and be creative figure out a new way to introduce them to new lessons in a way that fit their interest.

I hope these tips help you in someway. Remember to enjoy the process
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