Beautiful Snowflake

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Memories begin to flash of happy days with sunshine and laughter, strange pictures of beautiful scenery and amazing landscapes, power from training and an inner strength to beat the odds no matter who or what stands in the way. Suddenly darkness spreads through the images as venom coursing though the blood stream after a snake bite, slowly but quickly at the same time corrupting the very fabric of this realty. “But its not real” something laughs in the dark, the picture fades to nothing, PAIN!. the only thing is pain, focused in the right arm and behind the head, something heavy. who am I? why am I in pain? why is it familiar?, I’ve been here before. The images start again, hands in the air, winning in the arena soaked in the blood of his opponents. VICTORY!! Some one is watching amidst thousands, in the dream they are covered with a black veil and stands out in the light. Again I see him in the streets, lurking in the shadows, his solid black coat and strange eye glasses set me uneasy.” A drink” he offers me at a bar in celebration of my win, “you are one of a kind” he says, before smiling menacingly at me through almost sharpen teeth. Drunk…. then blackout. Flowers,trees, his instructors yelling at him to train harder, as he goes harder than they can tell him. The sound of a drill, HE SCREAMS! AHHHHHHHHHh! dream over. He awakes to a dark lab lying down on a a table, his mouth strapped shut with something metal, he tries to lift his head but to no avail, he looks around all he can see is long metal arms with surgical attachments, the ceiling and what is on top of the room as his head is focused straight up. He tries to move his body but pain is the only response. A face hovers over head, “hello there finally awake I see.”

He tries to move again, he wants to punch this guy in the face, then fear takes hold and he can not move.”Don’t bother trying to move, I have disabled your ability to move until you are ready to do as I tell you.”
He holds up a knife for the victim to see, then pushes a button and the mans head elevates so he can see his body. His eyes panic as he races over every thing that had been done to his once flawless body. Metal had been bolted to his left arm, strange armor attached to his legs from the hips down, looking as though it were made from scrap iron, a giant blade on a table next to his mutilated body. Then the man brings the knife down and buries it into his chest, he tries to scream but no sound emits from the giant metal mask that has been attacked to his face. He is flooded with both fear and pain, as he feels his sternum cut in two as the blade goes entirely though his body and the hilt push into his skin. The man smiles and pulls the blade out, green fluid is now on the blade and the pain is gone, he watches in terror as his wound closes and he can feel his organs moving almost as they start to heal.

“You will win us many wars, we have been searching many years for some one with your fighting potential, you are a beautiful snowflake,” he says with an insidious smile.
The man holds up a mirror, so he can see the mask holding three long tubes of a glowing green liquid pumping on to his back.
His eyes close, fear gives way to rage. His memories become clear and his training’s come through. He starts to move his leg but the pain hits first, he holds it, the pain gets worse. Then the leg switches, the man doesn’t notice, he does it again with the right arm, it twitches, the man doesn’t move.
“Now that your body can heal through anything, we simply need to use some spells to remove that extremely stubborn will you have, which has made this take much longer than normal, but I guess that is to be expected with a man of you make up.”
The man turns around to grab something off the table behind him, “THIS IS MY CHANCE,” the victim thinks. His muffled scream gives birth to more pain than he has ever felt possible, as he grabs the blade made of the same material as his armor. “ITS TO BIG” he thinks, as he slides his hand into the fist blade that had to weigh over 100 lbs, the man turns around.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” The man screeches in terror.
He twist off the table swinging the blade with all his might, the blade catches the man in the collar bone and separates him in two, the blade chopping into the concrete floor almost sinking the blade. He hits the floor and looks around seeing the man in two pieces, blood covering the wall and all the equipment behind him gave him the slightest satisfied feeling. He reaches up to feel his body and head, he starts to cry, green tears flow as he wonders, why me? he stands. Remembering the wound the man gave him, he stands over him, gripping the hand holder for his fist blade, he tears it out the concrete and examines it, he is stronger now, he wipes his tears and fights back the pain. Foot steps coming, dozens of them. The steel door starts to unlock, his heart pumps with new strength, something new flows. He screams as his body flows with a strength he never knew. The door opens to reveal 20 full armored men with heavy maces and blades. He charges in, swinging his new weapon as if it were a broom. It was over so fast that when he looked back not one person was in one piece and there was not one spot of the room or hallway that was not covered red. more foot steps, he screams again and charges down the hall way……