For as long as I can remember, weight was always at the for front of my mind. Before pregnancy, sometimes during and especially after. I struggled for years trying to make myself look like a body beach model I’m laughing as I type this by the way. let me clarify when i say ” I tried,” I don’t mean I tried everything and it just didn’t seem to grant me results. Before pregnancy i was a food lover and happy, moderately lazy. During pregnancies, chocolate cake called my name and yearned for me to eat it 24/7 and honestly the best way to explain it is I think my body felt super empty as if it was suddenly missing something, which in fact it was, obviously! So I would constantly stay hungry and in result I would constantly eat food. I think it helped my body cope with no longer having this huge responsibility of growing a whole other life. Not really sure why that happens to me but I ate a lot and lets just say I wanted to believe the hype about how much calories breastfeeding burned But lets get justified real quick,every pound added to my body every size in pants or T-shirt I had to go up on doesn’t matter one bit. GOD forged my body into a life making inhabitant fortress and beauty and life springs from it. My body has been stretch and pushed beyond what I expected my capabilities to be, and what a great sacrifice it is. Girl I’m kidding myself if I think I’m about to go back to having my banging high school slash pre-mommy body, those days are long gone and I am completely okay with that. 3 things I keep in my mind

  1. GOD loves me no matter what form
  2. I will always love me no matter what form
  3. And my babies love me because I feel fluffy

I’m not saying I’m okay with letting myself go, I’m saying I finally learned to love myself from the inside out. I love my justified mommy pounds, so I’m not stressing myself and steering up unwanted anxiety, feeling as though I need to lose weight. It’s okay to be comfortable in the body that I’m in, I absolutely love taking care of myself and the only goal I have is to enjoy whatever It is that I decide to do for myself. Self care isn’t all about focusing on trying to lose weight, the focus is on how I feel when I do my 30min yoga with Adrienne or going for a walk with my hubby and children, I feel soooooo good. I love being a mommy and i love my mommy body. #selfhealthisjustselflove