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Do you want to know how little I knew about the power of online anything? I only knew Facebook and YouTube, and I knew people used Instagram but I had no idea how it worked, I thought Twitter was for famous people, I was so ignorant I know. As time went on my husband and I started realizing how many services were available online, everything lined up so perfectly. At the time we were on the hunt for healthier alternatives when it came to the way we ate, we were looking for better quality and quantity. I was especially looking for a better wholesale on raw almonds, I love making my homemade almond butter and almond milk. I was venturing through YouTube like I do and that’s when I discovered Azure standard.

When I clicked the link immediately I felt my healthy food search was over, now I know there are a lot of local health food stores but sometimes they are not the best alternative. For many reasons like:
  •  Not being close to anywhere you live
  • The prices for the quantity is just too high
  • The fresh produce isn’t the best quality
  • And many other reasons that don’t fit other peoples circumstances
Azure Standard offers an endless amount of products, I have ordered fresh produce which comes directly from the person who grows or provides it. Just about anything you can think of they have it ready for you to order and enjoy. There are no:
  • No hormones
  • No additives
  • No antibiotics
  • No artificial food coloring
  • and wait for it, grass-fed beef.
They have other items like crystal sea salt Different varieties of lentils YUM! Their ordering process is so easy you can even check the ratings from the previous customers for the products your considering buying, and my favorite part are the two shipping options, you can choose parcel carrier meaning your order will be shipped to you directly or you choose whats called   Azure Drop, you literally travel to where they will deliver your order along with however many other people will come to that location for their orders, it’s like a natural community gathering. One thing I should mention is with parcel carrier their shipping fees vary depending on your items, so keep that in mind and shop on happy shoppers. honestly, I think this is a great company I have been continuously happy with their products, and something tells me when you get that ordered package of coffee or whatever you prefer in the mail, you will be happy also. So CLICK THIS LINK , and shop for some great quality and quantity.


  1. I did not know anything about this company. I’ve heard of Thrive Market and similar companies like that, but not this one! I’ll have to look into it!!

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